Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Voting: Conversations between myself and the theoretical public

"Hey You! Why don't you go vote???!! hunh??? Go vote!!! You have too!!!"

Me: "But I really don't keep up with that stuff, I'd just be guessing on who to vote for and-"
"But it doesn't matter! You have to vote! It's your civic duty!!!!"

Me: "So you'd rather a person not educated vote on no basis whatseover than to have them not vote? That doesn't make sens-" 
"But it does matter! It's so so very important that you vote!"

"Look mister, you keep cutting me off and annoying me, you're not making your basis for argument really, so I shall just go on my way and ignore you. Maybe when you can formulate a better statement I'll talk to you. Fact in point: Why aren't you learning about what's going on in politics?"

"Because I'm just really not that interested. Maybe you should focus on that instead mister."

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